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Garden Gate Vineyards is the ultimate authority on the best winery and vineyards in the world. We translate our dedication to wine to give you access to the world of winery like no other magazine has done before.

We invest our pages in advertisements related to the industry to deliver new prospects for you and our readers. Garden Gate Vineyards is entertaining and informative.

Garden Gate Vineyards is the comprehensive source for the cultured and curious wine lovers all over the world. Our magazine is highly recognized as the main wine source for learners and influencers who are on the lookout for new ways to enjoy wine.

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We provide the expansion of mouse-over advertisements that requires collapse through mouse-off. This offers a clearly visible advertisement that will allow the user to stop the animation after each view.


Flash animation is limited to 30 seconds. There is a maximum of 24 frames per second.

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We allow sponsored videos that can be host initiated. The maximum banner video direction allows up to 45 seconds. Al video must also be user-initiated per click.

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We offer newsletter advertisements with a maximum size of 40k. Each e-newsletter is delivered to the target market on behalf of our commercial. The content is expected to feature a special invitation, announcement, giveaway, offer, product launch.

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