Facts about Wine That Will Make You Want to Have a Glass Right Now

Let’s be honest – nothing is for classier than having a glass of wine, whether at home after a long day or at a party.

Wine is an old drink that links strongly to history. Studies show that the effects of wine can benefit your health and even increase your lifespan. This is great news for every wine lover.

Here are facts about wine that will make you want to have a glass right now.

Wine can help benefit your sex life

One of the most interesting facts about wine is that regular consumption can help boost your sexual desire. According to a study from research in Italy, women who consume two glasses of wine can enjoy more physical pleasure than those who don’t drink any wine at all.

China is the biggest wine consumer in the world

In 2013, China drank their way to more than 100 million 9-litre cases. The increase in popularity of red wine in China is mostly due to red being a lucky color. The color and symbolism of red are combined with health and virtues of wine. This encourages Chinese people to have a serving weekly.

The US is also one of the largest consumers of wine. California is the most important with New York, and Florida closely followed behind. While France is still known to drink more than 53 liters a year, it is not compared to China.

Monks are the ones who created and preserved the art of making wine

The Benedictines and Cistercian monasteries are the original winemakers during the Middle Ages. As part of their research, the efforts created such an elaborate technology today. In fact, the great Dom Pierre Perignon was named after a monk, who was an early advocate for making organic wine and experimented with many methods to improve the process of winemaking.

Understand that not every type of wine will enhance your health

Red wine is known to contain powerful beneficial antioxidants such as resveratrol and polyphenol that protect the heart. Red wine also contains anti-cancer properties as the grape skin is rich in nutrients, especially antioxidants.

However, white wine is shown to increase the risk of developing cancer as it is processed without skin. Studies show that there is a higher danger of developing cancer in the digestive track. Be sure to limit your wine consumption to 1-2 servings a day.

Wine Names Come from the Grape Variety and Location

Most wines in Europe are named after their original location. One example is the Bordeaux wine that is produced in the French Bordeaux region. These wines are made from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and the lesser extent of Malbec. Other wine labels usually have the name of the grape variety used on the label.

The color tells how where the wine came from

One thing you can determine just by the look of the wine is the climate and region where the vine is originally located. Dark colored shades are of deep red and yellow whites are made in warm climates. Light shades come from a cool climate with less rich and bright tastes.

Women are more prone to getting drunk faster due to their fat to water ratio

Women have less toleration to alcohol than men. While this is less to do with their size or body weight, it is more about their water to fat ratio. If you compare a woman and man with the same size to drink equal amounts of wine, the woman will more likely show a high blood alcohol concentration than the man. This is due to the higher fat content women has. Fat does not absorb alcohol. Therefore, this leads to a higher level.

Wine was first found in the Middle East almost 6,000 years ago

The earliest history of wine was discovered in Iran. This dates back to the Neolithic period as cultivated vines were found in Georgia. The drink was initially fermented my mistake. This means that the native yeast came in content with stored grapes in containers, which turned sugars contained in grapes into alcohol.

Later, the art of making wine was refined by the Egyptians who exported the drink by the Greeks. The Romans then made red wine famous in Spain and Europe as well as bring the drink to the New World, South Africa, and Oceania.

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