Top 5 Countries to Visit for Wine Lovers

Want to explore the world of wine? Well pack your bags and explore our list as we head for a journey only real wine lovers could dream of.

From the legendary vineyards of Spain to the Hot Springs of Napa Valley, we’ve rounded up the top countries to visit for wine lovers.


Everyone who enjoys a decadent glass of wine loves Italian-made wine. From the extreme northeast region of the valleys and hills to the corners of the Adriatic Sea, you will find the best wine in Italy.

With old churches to pasta for every meal – the wineries in Friuli is on a whole new level. Visit La Frasca casual restaurant located outside of Udine. The dining is quite simple, but they offer delicious local specialties.

Marco Felluga, one of the top major producers in the region has three wineries run by the Fantinel family carries the empire of three wineries, prosciutto fact, cooking school, Trieste soccer team, and 20 ham bars.

United States

As nearly every state in the U.S. produces wine, California is by far the premier wine state as the top producer with over thousands of wineries. Blessed with the best climate to thrive, California’s climate and geography make the state ideal to grow wine grapes.

The Cabernet Sauvignon is a famous Californian wine, while the Chardonnay is made from the same grape variety that is used in French White Burgundy. The Zinfandel grape is another unique American wine that comes at a bargain price.

Choosing the best quality wine in the United States is a difficult choice as many offer quality in different grades and varieties. The Becker winery in the Texas Hill Country is also known to have served many presidents in the White House. With more than 45 wineries all over Texas, warm, dry weather makes the harvest all the sweeter year-round.


The Spanish revolution of wine allows millennial to take a bit of history as wine in Majorca comes from the same vines that were first produced in the 1760s. Over 13 million visitors are lured towards the beauty of Spain, but one main attraction is the luxury wines.

With a combination of technical acuity, ambition, investment and desire to grow an international market the island of Majorcan has proven its power over red and white wines that distributed throughout Spain and all over the globe.

Currently, the best Majorcan producer is Bodegues Ribas. Painter, Maria Antonia Oliver owns the 90 acres of wine vineyard that sit just outside the town of Consell. It has been in her family since the early 18th century.

Since the rise of wine, tourism on the island has increased, making Majorca almost overwhelming. All the wineries are conveniently located close enough that you visit the wineries and go for an evening swim in the Mediterranean.

New Zealand

Between the lines of Cromwell and Queenstown sits the snow-covered mountains. Up until nearly a decade ago, the local wine manufacturers have seldom advertised their winery. However, it is the southernmost area prone to growing grapes.

The wines are often unripe and only beginning to season. Since then, the vineyards have increased to more than 500% due to modern practices. Before the boom in wine tourism, Central Otago wasn’t precisely a tourist destination. Now, many restaurants in the area are linked to the coming wineries in the area.


Chile is known for making budget-friendly wines that don’t skimp on taste. While Chile is not necessarily known for producing wine, the country has more to offer. The vibrant acidity from the grapefruit, spiced jalapenos and parsley make the combination a great pairing for most dishes, especially with seafood.

Similar to coasts of California Chile’s cooler climates allow their Chardonnay to enhance its quality by avoiding over-ripeness and retaining acid. The Mayu’s Pedro Ximenez works wonderfully for the summer season as the tart lime, and white grapefruit gives rich flavor without overpowering each other.

If you plan on heading to Chile, be sure to try another white wine called Casa Silva Sauvignon Gris 2012. Straight from Colchagua, you will appreciate the delicious white taste and the bottling that dates back to 1912. The creamy texture offers a sweet balance to freshness.

Have you visited any of these top countries for wine lovers? Which ones are your favorites? Comment below and let us know!

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